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Upcoming Events

2023 Officiating Clinic

2023 Pole Vault Clinic.

2023 Technical Equipment Clinic

2023 ParticipACTION Challenge

2023 GHTFC Prep Meet

2023 RCL B District Championships

2023 Fall Field Festival


April 15

Technical Equipment Training.

April 23

Technical Equipment Training #2.

April 29th 

Introductory Officiating Clinic.

Pole Vault Clinic.

High Jump Clinic.

May 4th

Mark Graham Memorial Invitational Track & Field Meet.

May 6th

Golden Horseshoe Track & Field Meet.

May 24th

91st Highlanders Athletic Association Elementary School Meet.

June 1st - 30th

2023 ParticipACTION Community Challenge.

June 18th 

Royal Canadian Legion (District B) Track & Field Championships.

September 17th

Fall Field Festival.

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